The Yoga Room

It’s been two days since I dislocated my shoulder and I still can barely get dressed – I went out for practice on Sunday with a few friends at a track new to me known as “the fox pen,” in Williston where the trees were so tight between my handlebars that it took me an entire 5-mile lap to remember how to ride again (plus, it was about 40 degrees and I hadn’t ridden in three weeks.) Then, on the second lap, once it all started coming back to me and I was able to get into “attack mode,” I smacked my barkbuster against one hard enough to pop my right shoulder out of socket and I had to stop and pop it back in before continuing. I did all that without crashing! So I’m pretty sure I won’t be making my 80-minute hot yoga class tonight, which is a bummer because the rest of my body could really use it. Last week’s Tuesday night sweat session had me crying by Savasana, the final resting pose. But I wasn’t sad, I was relieved and those were happy tears.

So it starts working on the backlog, trying to sort through some of that old mess, so you can finally unclutter your innermost being. Things you haven’t thought about in years suddenly rise up in Warrior II, and you can’t stop crying in Savasana because you’re infinitely sad and have no idea why. – What Nobody Tells You About Yoga


At the end of every semester, I ask my students what was the worst and best part of my class.


Learning info like how to take interviews and AP Style

Getting out of classroom, freedom to report on anything, writing at home

Live tweeting events

Setting up a blog/portfolio online

Learning InDesign and how to find experts, covering events

Learning journalism and how to write tight, how to chase down leads


More organization or a printout of what’s required

More hands-on learning

Too much to learn

Need InDesign basic tools printout

More field trips to real newspapers or publications

T-shirts or press passes

Use blog more

New news

I rang in the New Year by trading in my Ranger for a F-150 so I have a lot more room to look like I’m living out of my car. Monday marks the first day of the Spring semester and I reported to my office this week for the first time in 2015. It’s just as I left it: a mess, with scribble-scrabbled sticky notes everywhere and piles of paper in various stages of organization. So I’ve spent the past few days clearing up some clutter.

Spring 2015
Spring 2015

I’m scheduled to solo-teach five classes and co-teach another one, so that’s six total syllabi that I must prepare before Monday. I am thankful to have a weekend off from racing since I’ll be stuck behind the computer typing away…

Honestly, I’ve barely had time to recover from my fall course load and all the hoopla that surrounds the holidays. I need a vacation from my vacation! I planned to catch up on all that I hadn’t had time to do last fall, but I ran out of time with Christmas parties, dinners and New Years celebrations.

I also spent the first weekend of the year camped out in a field near Brooksville at the Florida Trail Riders Hare Scrambles shooting more than 1,000 photos in two days and racing more than 34 miles on Sunday as well (along with a 5-mile trail run on Saturday morning!). We set up camp on Friday night and Saturday morning I woke up to run the track before practice started. It was one of the most excruciating workouts I’ve had in a while, and I thought I was in decent shape! Judging from my heart rate monitor, I need to run the track more often! My heart rate averaged 183 bpm and I maxed out at 198 bpm.

Trail run
Trail run

I think it helped tremendously being able to scope out the track before my race on Sunday. I even hit practice with confidence. During my 8.66-mile practice, my heart rate averaged 173 and my max was 191. In my 34.39-mile race, I averaged 176 and maxed out at 196.

Running still wins as the fastest way to get in shape! I burned 617 calories in my 1:10:26-run and 869 calories in my 1:56:03 race! What’s also interesting is my average speed in practice was 14.3 mph and during my race 17.8 mph, which is almost a minute faster per mile, according to the numbers.

My race stats:

Time: 1:56:03
Moving Time: 1:53:21
Elapsed Time: 1:56:03
Avg Speed: 17.8 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 18.2 mph
Max Speed: 40.1 mph

In with the New Year

I made it to my home office by noon this Monday after spending a long weekend away in Western North Carolina at my dad’s house celebrating Christmas. I remembered why I don’t like leaving Florida during the winter: it’s cold everywhere else.

Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014
Pops loving his One Industries t-shirt
Pops loving his One Industries t-shirt
Fiesta dog on the way home
Fiesta dog on the way home

Waking up with temps in the low 30s meant I was not doing anything outside including riding my dirt bike. (I did suit up for a 3.5 mile run with my sister.) So, for the first time that I can remember, I opted not to ride on Christmas because it was just too cold. Yes, I’m a weenie. Sucks because I wanted some seat time in the mountains before this weekend’s Brooksville race that’s usually a lot of off-camber up and down hills. Oh, well.

The trip put me off the grid for a few days, which was nice and alleviated my “fear of missing out” on all the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts over the holidays. I used the few days off to knock the dust off at the gym and take naps. Now that I’m home I get to work on my New Year’s resolutions and what I would like to say I’ve done by the end of 2015. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Come down

I’ve been down for more than a week since last Sunday’s race disaster sinking my bike in a lake in Plant City. But I’m coming around since the holidays are right around the corner and I’m on vacation until January when school starts again. Right now, I’m scheduled to teach eight classes next term so here’s hoping this winter break helps prepare me for that! I’m still going through regret from racing (and swamping my bike) last weekend. But I told myself a long time ago that I would rather regret things that I did than things that I didn’t do, and I was feeling strong and healthy and my bike was running perfect, so I signed up and after a mid-pack start, my goggles were worthless and I regretted not preparing my roll-offs for the race. (I never had the luxury of roll-offs growing up and so I didn’t know what I was missing. But I do now.) Matters worsened as my trusty glove-across-the-goggle wipe was not sufficient; maybe it’s because I’m faster than I was in my teens but I could not see so I took off my goggles, which is something you are never supposed to do! And everything happened so fast with my protective layer gone and mud globs in my eyes from the rear tires of the guys in front of me. I only lasted about 3.5 miles until they ran us through a shallow pond and I fell into a rut from a previous race that sucked me in and sunk me to my fenders. Race over.

The ol' girl wouldn't start after we took a swim so I took my first DNF of the race season.
The ol’ girl wouldn’t start after we took a swim so I took my first DNF of the race season.

Turning 30

I finally turned 30 – an age I have felt since I turned 19, actually. Don’t get me wrong, my 20s were fun and full of memories, but I’ve been looking forward to turning 30 so that I can finally feel the age that I am. Turning 30 means I won’t feel as awkward telling people what I do, like it’s more acceptable to have the career I have had now for 3 years. Maybe now I won’t hear, “Aren’t you a little young to be a professor?”

However, everything that I thought I would have figured out by 30 – mortgage, married, kids, etc. – I’m not even close, but I’ve succeeded in areas I never would have imagined myself. And now, I have an excuse when people ask why I don’t want to go party or clubbing – “I’m old and want to go to bed early.”


It’s funny: I swear, the day after my birthday I woke up so full of awareness and total freedom like I was reborn or something crazy. I decided I want to better promote myself and think I’ve spent too much time promoting others (students, companies, friends) and not dialing into what I really want to do (social media consulting, documentaries and photojournalism) so that’s one of my goals for this decade. I have been looking forward to publishing the novel I’ve been working on for 11 years by now but that deadline passed so I set another (coming soon.) I’m also dialing in my yogi headstand (Sirsasana), which is considered “one of the most powerful and beneficial poses you can do. Practicing headstand has been frequently cited as a pose to counteract the symptoms of depression,” and works the core like nothing else!

 Less ego, more breath.