Racing Pics

Under Construction!

Gearing up for 2013-2014 race season!

Gearing up for 2013-2014 race season!

3 thoughts on “Racing Pics

  1. Hi,
    I recently started taking pics at motocross events, and I think I’m totally hooked. I’ve been taking bird and nature shots, but the rush of shooting MX is just too much.

    I read your article in Cycle News, and also saw a link to you on Jacqueline Ross’ site.

    I just wanted to say Hi!, and to let you know if you ever want to use one of my pics, no problem, as long as I get the credit for the shot. I know you do your own, just thought I’d extend the offer.

    Also, if there is ever a certain shot you want or need, I can try to supply it. I still have a “real” job, so I have to work around that, but I love challenges!

    Do you ride also? I do not.


  2. YOOO kid :)

    It must be my day off because its a rainy day as usual. I was sitting here with my 3rd cup of coffee and found this site. Your photos are awesome Jenn, your mos def. looking out for number one. It was fun getting out on Friday night and even better when were riding bikes. Theres so much beauty it can make ya cry.


  3. 2010 in review |

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